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Inch by Inch

Ten years of business as Mad Panda and so many of our customers have become dear friends. In response to this we were asked to put together a kind of loyalty/documentary club and we came up with Inch by Inch.  This gives our previous or referred customers option to have 2 years of their life documented by us.  Either from bump to baby, new born to toddler or to have sessions with both in-laws and outlaws!

We offer 3 sessions over a 15 month period with images from each session topped up onto a gift boxed USB.



Commercial Events

In the world of social media we know an event hasn’t happened unless there are images to prove it.

Book us to cover your event and don’t let all your hard work go to waste. We offer a 25% discount rate to work with CIC businesses or schools in the North-West and further by arrangement.

£90 p/h


Workshops & Tuition

Budding Photographer or traveller from a far a way land.  Mad Panda can show you the sights of our fair city or help you to get to grips with your new SLR on your own.

We offer a hands on approach to learning photography skills which can be used to develop in house photography in larger institutions or households! A different viewpoint is always a bonus. Tuition is £150 per 2 hour session.  Please get in touch for more info about one to ones, Vouchers or bigger group workshops.

£75 p/h


Holiday Sessions

There is no other time like the last few days of a holiday.  Everyone has gone through the wall of teenage or toddler tantrums, sunburn to golden tan, sand castles are glorious, you’ve at last put up your feet, finally relaxed and just before you are about to go home there are perfect moments of togetherness.

WE can capture these for you.  Speak to Mad Panda about meeting you on your jollies throughout the UK.  And if you really like us we could be persuaded to get on a flight – no really we don’t mind!

£99 p/h


Mad Panda Photography are dedicated to capturing your special occasions to perfection. Drop us a line below and we will be in touch!